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CACS - Alternatives

What is Alternatives?

Alternatives is a Medicaid program designed specifically for the physically disabled that allows the consumer to direct their in-home care or receive in-home care through a traditional agency model..

Alternatives allows for Medicaid reimbursement for certain in-home and community-based services normailly not covered by Medicaid.

To Qualify for Alternatives:

  • Be age 21-64
  • Be declared physically disabled by Social Security/SSI or DHS Medical Review Team
  • Meet established financial criteria
  • Meet nursing home admission criteria at the intermediate level
  • Have the medical need for at leas one of the Alternative services

Brighten Your Senior's Day

We are a facility that specializes in clients that need assisted living. We serve Alzheimer's and Dementia clients, as well as those that require monitoring at all times.