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CACS - ElderChoices

What is ElderChoices?

ElderChoices is a Medicaid program designed for the elderly.

ElderChoices allows for Medicaid reimbursement for certain in-home and community-based services normailly not covered by medicaid.

  • When at risk of nursing home placement ElderChoices offers alternatives.
  • When residing in a nursing facility ElderChoices offers and opportunity to return home.

To Qualify for ElderChoices:

  • Be age 65 or older
  • Meet nursing home admission criteria at the intermediate level
  • Meet established financial criteria
  • have a medical need for at least one of the ElderChoices service

How to apply

Give us a call and let us help!

870-733-1235 or 870-633-0485

We accept Medicaid, private insurance and payment plans